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Super Grow Lasers Laser Max Laser System Big 80 Laser'S. Hair Laser Restoration. LaserMaxLaserBIG80

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The Laser Hair Salons Typically Have About 80 Lasers Or More On Their Systems So We Made One That We Think Works Just As Well. With One Exception- You Donít Have To Spend $4000 For Six Months Of Treatment, Or Drive Through Traffic And Wait In Line. A One Time Investment That More Than Pays For Itself. This Model Has 50 Lasers On The Top And Then A Box Of 30 Lasers That Curves Down To Work The Thinning Temple Areas. Both Standing Lasers Come With An Adjustable Stand.

Laser Max Stand Laser System - 80 Lasers

The laser hair salons typically have about 80 lasers or more on their systems so we made one that we think works just as well. With one exception- you donít have to spend $4000 for six months of treatment, or drive through traffic and wait in line.

A one time investment that more than pays for itself.

This model has 50 lasers on the top and then a box of 30 lasers that curves down to work the thinning temple areas.

Comes with an adjustable stand.

About LaserMax

What is Low Level Laser Therapy? And how can it help with hair loss?

The term LASER means:
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Radiation, in this case, refers to the coherent light energy released, which produces the light beam. There are two types of lasers: High power laser or "hot laser" and Low power laser or "cold lasers". The thing that determines whether a machine is hot or cold is the amount of energy that comes from the machine.

Hot lasers cause thermal (heat) changes and destroy tissues. They are only used in the medical field. Cold lasers don't cause thermal changes in the tissues therefore it is allowed and in recent years have been approved by US FDA to be used in salons and spas by Aestheticians.

Toady "Cold Laser" are sometimes called Low Level laser Therapy (LLLT) , or Low Light Laser Therapy some doctors refer it as "Cold Beam" therapy. Most just call it LLLT.

History of Lasers

The father of lasers was Einstein, who theorized on the stimulated emission of radiation in 1917 as part of his paper on quantum theory. His theories evolved into practice with the development of masers (Microwave Amplification of the Stimulated Emission of Radiation) by Gordon in 1955 and lasers by Maiman in 1960. Mainman's initial work with the ruby wavelength ushered in a tide of new lasers over the next few years. These included the HeNe and Nd:Yag lasers in 1961, the argon laser in 1962 and the CO2 laser in 1964. They were employed as dermatological systems from the time of their introduction.

Laser Light vs. LED Light

A laser is a device that emits a special form of light. The light is special because it consists of light waves of a single wavelength, in which all the waves reinforce one another. (It is like a heavy surf with large waves breaking on a beach instead of many small waves.) It is also called coherent light, where the waves reinforce one another.

LED light is incoherent light and consists of varying wavelengths of all the colors of the rainbow, from blue (400 nanometers in length) to red (750 nanometers in length).

Professor Mester of Budapest University has made many experiments with animal and human cells to be able to explain the function of light on cells. The monochromatic light influences the DNA to use the lipoproteins in the treated area, so the cell has better function, as well as to produce collagen and elastin.

According to Dr. Mesters' experiments, it was the monochromatic light and not the coherence of the light that had more positive effect on cells. Since Professor Mester's studies, and companies started manufacturing Low Level Laser Therapy machines, their experiments showed that this monochromatic light has significant positive improvement on the biological function on cells.

Clinical Research on Low Level Laser Therapy (Low Power Laser)

For the last 30 years, scientists in the United States and Europe have been researching the clinical uses of lasers. The research has partly focused on the use of low-level lasers in a process called photobiostimulation - their ability to stimulate a variety of cellular functions in a non-thermal (heat), non-destructive manner. Cold lasers, as they are called, are now available for use.

Monochromatic light waves produced by laser light are the crucial factor in photo-biostimulation. Light and all electromagnetic energy travels as bundles of energy called photons. The center (nucleus) of an atom contains neutrons and protons. Electrons moving in specific orbits surround the nucleus. Energy, in the form of photons, is released when the electrons change orbits.

It is these bundles of energy called photons that trigger biological changes within the body. We are constantly bombarded by random photons from ordinary light sources including sunlight. Light created by a laser or an LED device, have the ability to 'concentrate' these photons.

Photo - Bio Therapy (Light therapy)

When photons are introduced onto the skin, they are absorbed by the skin and underlying tissue, triggering biological changes within the body in this photo biostimulation process. Photon energy is absorbed by the DNA, thus activating it. The cell's DNA then transmits this new energy to the cell walls by means of a protein and calcium transfer. Then the cell walls transform themselves into healthy shapes, allowing the cell to function again at full capacity.

The tissues exposed to light increase blood flow, thus helping to carry vitamins and nutrients into the area where they are needed most, with no damage to surrounding tissues. As a result of increased blood flow, toxins and waste bi increased blood flow, toxins and waste bi-products products are taken away from the tissues.

Light therapy is also called "photo therapy". For instance, visible red light has been shown to effect positive changes at a cellular level on living tissues. It is very beneficial in treating problems close to the surface. Skin layers, because of their high blood and water content, absorb red light very readily.

How the Laser Max Works

The laser energy produced by the Laser Max is within the accepted level of LLLT. The Laser Max uses a laser diode operating in the red portion of the visible color spectrum. Laser energy is different from natural light in several ways. It is monochromatic, which means all the energy is essentially one wavelength or color whereas a light bulb produces a broad spectrum of light and energy waves.

Laser energy is also collimated which means it is a tight beam of light energy that spreads or diverges only a little at great distances while a light bulb loses its brightness very quickly with distance.

And laser energy is also coherent.

All energy consists of waves of energy and in the light bulb these waves are not organized or in sync with each other.

The waves of light energy produced by a laser are synched or in phase with each other.

These characteristics make laser energy a truly unique form of light energy.

The Laser Max bathes your hair root with the nourishing light and is designed to energize your hair light energy.

All cells love light. When hair cells are exposed to low level laser light the cells responded through the process of photo-bio stimulation. Just like cells in plants produce positive energy and food through photosynthesis.

The tissues exposed to light increase blood flow, thus helping to carry vitamins and nutrients into the area where they are needed most, with no damage to surrounding tissues. As a result of increased blood flow, toxins and waste bi -products including harmful DHT are taken away from the hair cells.

In most cases, within weeks you will experience lesser hair loss and within 2 to 3 months better thicker hair growth.

Biological Effects of LLLT on Cells

Low level lasers supply energy to the body in the form of photons. This is contrast to electricity, which supplies electrons, and in contrast to acidity and alkalinity, which is based on protons. It is becoming apparent that the body signals within itself in protons, electrons and photons. The wavelength of photons determine their effect Ė visible light is transmitted through the skin's layers (the dermis, epidermis and the subcutaneous tissue or tissue fat under the skin), Light waves in the near infrared ranges penetrate the deepest of all light waves in the visible spectrum. It is these wavelengths that are exploited to stimulate cellular function.

Low Level Lasers "energize" the tissue since light is a form of energy. For example, laser light on scalp and hair follicles provides high levels of light which are used by the cells in the scalp and hair to assist in the normal chemical processes performed by those cells. The term for this is photobiostimulation. The most common example of light converting into chemical energy is photosynthesis, where plants are fed via light converted into chemical energy. In a similar way, laser penetrates into soft tissue and increases the action of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that is a major carrier of energy from one reaction site to another in all living cells. By doing so, laser light increases the energy available to cells so they take in nutrients faster and get rid of waste products.

Effects of Laser on Cell Frequency

Biological Effects of Low Level Laser Therapy**

  • Increased Arterial Micro-Circulation: Both vasodilation and regeneration of blood vessels.
  • Increased Venous and Lymphatic Flow: Results in reduced edema clinically.
  • Decreased Inflammation in Tissue: Marked increase in the number of leucocytes that participate in phagocytosis
  • Faster Rate of Cell Division
  • Faster Regrowth of Epithelium
  • Faster Rate of Collagen Formation
  • Faster Rate of Wound Healing
  • Minimal Scar Formation
  • Decreased Keloid Formation
  • Increased Energy of the Tissue
    • Increased ATP in the cellular mitochondria
    • There is activation of RNA- and DNA production
  • Stimulation of Hair Growth


Laser combs have to be brushed through you hair over and over again.

The Lasermax is easy to use and far more effective. Just sit under the lamp and let the lasers do the work.

20 minutes under the Lasermax is like 2 hours of tedious brushing with a comb.

The Hairmax has ONE laser that is reflected off a mirror system that breaks it up into nine beams. The Lasermax BIG 80 has 80 independent lasers in a overhead laser. And its half the price.

Other laser combs have pale in comparison as well. Five to twelve lasers and again they have to be brushed through the hair.

The Lasermax allows you to focus the laser light into the scalp for maximum exposure.

There is no other laser on the market that can be compared to a Lasermax.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How often should I use my Laser Max? †† †

A: For optimal results, The Laser Max should be used every other day for 20 minutes. You donít want to use it everyday because your follicles will get used the lasers and will become lazy and no longer respond. †† †

Q: How long does it take to see results? ††
A: Really good results will take about 8 weeks. Most people see results sooner but its not major difference. Keep in mind it took a long time for your hair to get in the condition it is in.
†† †
Q: Will the lasers stimulate the entire head? †† †
A: Yes they will stimulate the hair on the entire head. They shine directly down onto the head
†† †
Q: If I already use tropicalís can I use the Laser Max? †† †
A. Yes it is harmless to use the lasers while using topicals. In fact it may help speed things up. †† †
Q: I been balding for years. Am I too late? ††
A. The Laser Max will not grow hair where there is no hair. But if you have some hair, even tiny shrinking hairs you may be surprised to see how thick it begins to get. †† †

Q. What type of warranty do you have? †† †
A. We will fix or replace anything that stops functioning for one year. You only have to pay the shipping back to us which will be about $6 most of the time. If after one year something were to stop working we will fix at our cost. We strive to have a personal relationship with our customers and pride ourselves on high customer satisfaction.
†† †
Q. Is there a satisfaction guarantee? †† †
A. For us to guarantee results is making medical claims which we cannot do. We will however offer a refund if when the laser arrives you simply do not like it.† There is a 15% restock fee and shipping costs are not refundable.

Everyone buying Laser Max lasers has had rave reviews when they compare what they are getting for the price when they compare to the competition that is out there.

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I would like to know the class levels of your super grow laser devices. Would you please list them for me?
Question by Super Grow Lasers
I do not know the class but they are 5mw/650nm diode
Answered by D-Sales posted on 4/2/2019
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Hello. I just want to let you know that I had a wonderful experience ordering from your company. The item was a good price and the shipping was superb. I received the item in less than 24 hours. In addition, the email communications were great. Thank you for such a smooth transaction. S.K.

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